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Our truly international community makes it a special place to work and study

As you walk through the college, you will hear languages from all over the world being spoken. We welcome students and staff from all nationalities and cultures. Living and studying together, we are enriched and challenged by the diversity of views and ideas and therefore learn from one another.

Our mission and shared beliefs

We are committed to our responsibilities to broaden perspectives through education. Our mission to ‘advance international education and understanding‘ underpins our approach within the teaching experience and epitomises our values of international-mindedness. With a shared focus, it creates a unique environment, where international awareness and respect for others is at the heart.

Likewise, these shared beliefs and values are fully embedded into the learning experience and our staff training and development programme reflects this approach. And, we are strongly committed to our responsibilities to broaden perspectives through education.

‘To advance international education and understanding’.

Innovative approach to education

We have a forward-thinking approach to education which provides positive preparation for university and both personal and professional life. In fact, our community regularly comments that what they love the most about St Clare’s is our emphasis on:

  • Fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels safe and valued.
  • Embracing differences and seeing it as an having an opportunity to learn from one another.
  • Promoting a culture of open-mindedness.

With an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust embedded into the culture of the college, we are proud of the impact it has on the culture and life of the college.

Impact of our approach on the learning experience

Our teaching approach nurtures students and provides a platform for personal development within the student experience. Making international friendships, students actively improve their linguistic and intercultural competence, whilst strengthening character and social skills. For instance, many of our students exude the following attributes:

  • Develops environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • Takes personal responsibility for learning and conduct.
  • Develops an enduring commitment to global citizenship through cultural awareness.
  • Challenges ideas and develops independence of mind.
  • Engages in creative, aesthetic, and physical activities to encourage imagination and promote wellbeing.
  • Values honesty, compassion, open-mindedness and intercultural understanding.
  • Demonstrates a lifelong passion for learning.

Making learning accessible

We are an educational charity and as such we see the importance of giving back to communities less fortunate than ourselves. In this way, we regularly give back through charitable initiatives, supporting our local community and through scholarship schemes for our courses.

Above all, we seek to nurture inquiring minds with a lifelong passion for learning. And are fully committed to extending this experience to students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our mission and values promote international-mindedness

Welcoming students from over 40 different countries, our truly international community makes it a special place to live and study.


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