CS Lewis: The Kiln


Our students went on a Study Visit to CS Lewis’ house to learn about the author’s life, career and inspiration behind his books.

On Wednesday, the Fantasy Literature and Oxford course took a two-hour guided tour of The Kilns, CS Lewis’ home in Headington.

The students, having read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, as well as biographical pieces about Lewis and his role as a member of the Inklings, were able to ask questions about his life and career, as well as touch objects that acted as inspiration in his works.

With photographs of Lewis and those significant to him, students were able to gain insight into his personality and important relationships to him. Similarly, there was a photograph of CS Lewis and his wife, Joy, shortly before she died. The grief is palpable in the photo and further brought to life the author.

Students also had lively discussions with the guide about objects in the house, specifically a photograph of the shroud of Turin. They debated how Lewis would have theologically responded to these kinds of religious items.

It was a wonderful informative trip that helped further enrich our students understanding of an Oxford-based fantasy author.

The students in involved in the Taste for Travel Course has been writing a blog

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