Celebrating our best ever IB results!

We are thrilled to announce an outstanding set of IB Diploma results. This achievement highlights the hard work and versatility of our students, despite the unpredictable changes to the assessment process brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The word “unprecedented” has been used a lot over the past 18 months. However, it is hard to think of a better word to describe the impact the pandemic has had on school education.

The cohort of students who have received their IB diploma results this week started their course at St Clare’s, Oxford in September 2019. Since March 2020 they have experienced an unending sequence of lockdowns, quarantines and phases where “normal” lessons were conducted wearing masks in socially-distanced classrooms.

In total during their course they have spent more time learning remotely than in college.

Our highest average points score

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, we are incredibly proud of our students near miraculous results, scoring an average of 39 points out of a possible 45, a score which could be considered at least the equivalent of A*, A, A in A-levels supplemented by an A or A* grade in the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

Assessment process

Although the final exams could not take place this year, the IB results were based on a combination of teacher predictions and externally marked coursework. This latter must be emphasized: all IB students submitted a significant piece of work in every one of their six subjects, as well as an Extended Essay and an essay and presentation for their Theory of Knowledge course.

These pieces of work were marked by external examiners at the IBO, giving greater confidence that the grades awarded were justified.

Academic result highlights

There are so many highlights to celebrate in the results, we can’t hope to do them all justice in a short piece such as this. Six of our students attained a perfect score of 45 points, placing them inside the top 1% of students globally.

Nearly half the cohort scored 40 points or more, scores which give access to the top universities worldwide including Oxford and Cambridge. 

Reflecting on the results Alastair Summers, Vice Principal Academic commented “In many ways we learn more about people from how they behave in adversity than when things are easy. I feel a huge sense of pride when I think about what our students have achieved under the most challenging of circumstances. Not only are the results they have produced simply outstanding, but their resilience, determination and collective spirit have been quite humbling.”

University destinations

The following eight students illustrate both the range of nationalities of our student body, and the diversity of university pathways they go on to follow.

  • Denis Pisarskiy (Switzerland/Russia) scored 45 points and will be reading Land Economy at Cambridge.
  • Kiara Kapllani (Albania) scored 43 points and will take up her place at Imperial College to study Design Engineering.
  • Oluwadamilola Salami (Nigeria) scored 42 points and is heading for the US and a place at UCLA, where she intends to specialise in Sociology.
  • Sachi Maskara (India) scored 42 points and is also going to the United States to study at Tufts University, Massachusetts.
  • Romane Beustes (France) scored 43 points and will read International Economics & Management at Bocconi University in Milan.
  • Adrian Koetsenruijter (Netherlands) scored 44 points and will take his place at LSE to study Politics & Economics.
  • Nicole Lubaczewska (Poland/United Kingdom) scored 44 points and earned the most prestigious Trustee Scholarship at Boston University where she will undertake their Innovation and Entrepreneurship major. 
  • Anna Horton (Canada/Italy) who is one of our local day students scored 44 points and will read Geography at Durham University.

There are many more interesting and varied success stories on the achievements of this year group. 

Alastair, Vice Principal Academic commented, “We enjoyed many precious moments when our students returned for the final few weeks after Easter to complete their course, and seeing their efforts rewarded in this way seems very fitting. I am confident that our graduates will take these experiences with them, and they leave ready to excel in the next stage of their educational journeys. I hope they will look back with fondness and gratitude when they think about the amazing team of people who supported and guided them during their time at St Clare’s, Oxford.”

Please note that the above information is correct at the time of writing. Results may change as a result of re-marking and university choices are subject to change.

St Clare's, Oxford