A Harold Pinter Play

The IB19 held a great rendition of Harold Pinter’s ‘Party Time’. The students have been working with techniques from physical theatre, inspired by the work of the Frantic Assembly theatre company. With a minimalist style, the production used a stripped back stage and lighting, in order to focus the attention on Pinter’s word- play. The cast members greatly enjoyed grappling with Pinter’s texts and they have all found a unique interpretation of character which was exciting to witness on stage.

Michael Billington said of this play: “Party Time is set in smart, fashionable London. Gavin, a suave power-broker, is throwing a party at which his guests prattle of exclusive health-clubs, idyllic island retreats, past romantic liaisons. Meanwhile in the streets outside there is a violent disorder which is being savagely suppressed.” This is one of Pinter’s later short plays, which comments on political power ,dissent and oppression. It is also an exploration of human relationships and conflict and the Theatre group have connected with the themes of the play in a very meaningful and personal way.


Terry- Daniel Coates

Gavin- Thibault Van Buchem

Dusty- Elena Pare

Melissa- Grace Zhao

Liz- Valeria Berghinz



Charlotte- Isidora Milic

Fred- Tom (Janquan) Tu

Douglas- Severin Lovenskiold

Jimmy- Artur Abgarowicz



St Clare's, Oxford