Why study the IB Diploma?


We are an IB World School. Over the years have developed a strong reputation for teaching IB Diploma. We have offered the IB longer than any other school or college in England. In fact there are only 13 institutions in the world who have taught the IB longer than us.

The benefits of studying the IB Diploma

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification and so prepares you well if you wish to apply for universities around the world.

The IB Diploma makes sure that you do not specialise too narrowly before you go to university. IB curriculum is structured to encourage breadth as well as depth of academic subjects. You choose 6 academic subjects (3 at standard level and 3 at higher level) and complete the core components which include Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), the Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). All of these aspects contribute to the final mark.

How is the IB assessed?

Examinations at the end of the second year are complemented by a programme of internal assessments. Each subject, whether higher or standard can contribute up to 7 points to a final points total. The Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge together contribute 3 points so the maximum score possible is 45, while the pass mark is 24 points. Examinations at the end of the second year are complemented by a programme of internal assessment.

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