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Spring Courses

• Safe study environment in Oxford

• Supportive and promotes learning

• Interactive academic teaching style

• Entertaining educational activities

Short Spring courses in Oxford

We offer English language programmes for teenagers and adults including English and Culture, Business and Leadership in Oxford and IB Revision and Science in Oxford. Our Spring courses run from 1 to 2 weeks during April 2023.

Flexible start dates: We offer Spring short courses for teenagers and adults

Pastoral care: We provide a supportive environment for you to thrive

Academic support: Develop your language ability in the 4 key skills, and improve your vocabulary, fluency and accuracy

Course content: Our lessons are interesting and stimulate learning through a range of relevant topics

Attractive setting: Our courses are offered in a beautiful location close to the centre of Oxford

Rich academic programme: Our teaching approach enhances your learning experience and includes enjoyable study visits and entertaining excursions to places in the UK, including London

Develop international friendships: Our short courses have global appeal Make lots of new friends and create unforgettable memories

Live in Oxford: You can choose to live in college houses or a carefully chosen homestay within the city of Oxford.

A member of the English UK specialist group for Young Learners

Choose from the short courses below:

Short courses available in the Spring

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