English plus Academic Subjects

• challenge your English language skills with academic courses

• expand your vocabulary

• develop your ability to analyse

• learn subjects in more depth

Develop your English language skills while studying your favourite subjects

David Fowkes, Director of Academic Summer Courses explains:Who is it for? Students who want to develop their command of the English Language in the context of a range of academic subjects.

Who is this course for? As the language of global communication, English is increasingly used to study academic subjects in schools and colleges. This course creates opportunities for students to join a global academic and business community.

Study academic subjects and develop your English language skills

This course allows confident speakers of English to develop command of English through the study of academic subjects.

Students taking this course will:

  • Meet and analyse the three main genres of literature
  • Study and visit a Shakespeare play
  • Extend their English vocabulary
  • Develop practical science skills and learn scientific terminology
  • Improve and practise English grammar
  • Collaborate with a wide range of nationalities to produce a humanities presentation
  • Master technical terms in History, Economics and Psychology
  • Engage in topical debate with other students

Course overview

A three week progression of activities designed to challenge and develop:

Week 1: Experiencing
English + Shakespeare

  • The conventions of literature through Shakespeare’s work.

Week 2: Harnessing
English + Science

  • Scientific terminology and vocabulary using practical laboratory work.

Week 3: Producing
English + Humanities
Academic writing and collaborative presentations which marry analytical and linguistic skills.

  • Themes taken from Mathematics, Business, Economics, History, and Geography
Contact the Department

Please do contact us with any questions you may have about the course, the college, what is like to be a student here, where you will live, and travel plans. We will be happy to help you to apply.
Patricia Alvarez
Summer Admissions Manager
+44 1865 517340
Tom Whitehouse
Sales Coordinator
+44 1865 517331
St Clare’s Oxford – 139 Banbury Road – Oxford – OX2 7AL – UK
Office hours: Monday – Friday 0900-1700 GMT

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Take your first steps towards an academic future

This course gives you the skills you need to one day join the academic or business community.

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