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Careers and higher education support

Whether you are an applicant, student or recent graduate, benefit from specialist Careers and Higher Education support to explore your future career goals.

  • Our careers programme encourages you to start your career development journey through education, personal research & guidance.
  • We provide expertise on a range of career development options including gap year planning, apprenticeships and internships.
  • Our innovative study approach embeds careers support into the learning experience.
  • We are experienced in helping you navigate the higher education application processes across the globe.
  • Specialist careers guidance from 2 experienced advisers who are qualified to postgraduate level. The Head of Careers is a member of the UK’s professional body, the Career Development Institute, as well as the International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC).
  • We host specialist careers events like the Work-related learning day, Launch Day, Student World University Fair, the Higher Education Fair and the Seminar Series which helps you explore the range of opportunities available to you.
  • We offer specialist guidance from when you arrive until 3 years after you graduate. Likewise, benefit from relevant and topical articles on our Careers Blog.
  • Our international environment creates fantastic opportunities to establish your professional networks.
  • We are an exam centre for SAT and Oxbridge admissions tests including BMAT.

Your career development journey

  • Our careers team provides personalised support through one-to-one meetings and group sessions which helps you explore future education and career options.
  • We focus on personal development through experiential learning and self-reflection.
  • We encourage you to develop self-awareness so you can make informed decisions about your future career path.
  • Benefit from interactive tools and invaluable resources like podcasts, online articles, MOOCS, and related websites.
  • Our specialist careers advice enables you to boost your professional skills including CV writing, presentation and interview skills and so you are fully prepared for the professional jobs market around the world.

Career destinations

If you would like to discover how our alumni have progressed their professional careers, please view our Careers Destinations tool.

Our Careers and Higher Education team

Our Careers and Higher Education Policy is available on our policies page. If you have any questions about our careers and higher education provision or would like to arrange to talk to us about your university, apprenticeship options, professional job offerings or gap year schemes, please contact us

Our careers team offer personalised support

We support you to make informed decisions about your future career path.


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