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All you need to know before you arrive this summer

• What to bring

• Airport transfers

• Consent to travel

• Any questions you have

It’s not long now!

We are very pleased that you have chosen to come to St Clare’s this summer. This detailed information explains what you have to do next and answers some frequently asked questions.

The first thing you must do:

Teenagers (age 15-17)

Juniors (age 10-15)

The next thing

you must do is jump into your exclusive Summer Students zone. This will be your own website while you are a student here – it has all sorts of cool advice and tips, information about the trips and excursions you can go on, tell you about the afternoon activities and what you will be doing and introduce you to our summer staff. Oh yes, it also has a map in case you lose your way!

Contact the Department
Patricia Alvarez
Summer Admissions Manager
+44 1865 517340
Tom Whitehouse
Sales Coordinator
+44 1865 517383
St Clare’s Oxford – 139 Banbury Road – Oxford – OX2 7AL – UK
Office hours: Monday – Friday 0900-1700 GMT
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What to bring

The list gives you a useful guide to what you should and shouldn’t bring with you.

You should bring:

  • secure bag or money belt
  • your passport
  • e-ticket/travel information for the journey to and from the UK
  • emergency contact telephone numbers for your parents eg. at home, at work, at a holiday home or hotel
  • any medication you use regularly
  • writing paper and pens
  • English money or credit/debit card with chip & PIN function
  • £30 damage deposit
  • recharger for electronic devices with adaptor plug for the UK*
  • some English £ money for souvenirs and treats

You can also bring:

  • a book to read
  • a device for your music
  • a camera
  • a tennis racquet
  • suitable machine washable clothes for an English summer (at least one jumper / sweatshirt and a waterproof coat or jacket)
  • swimwear and swimming towel

You should not bring:

  • bed linen (sheets, sleeping bag, blankets, etc)
  • expensive jewellery or items of sentimental value that might be lost or stolen
  • a laptop computer (unless you are doing the Intensive English or English plus Academic Studies courses)
  • designer clothes that require dry cleaning

*Note about electronic devices:
We encourage students on Intensive English and English Plus Academic Subjects courses to bring a tablet or laptop up to the value of £1000 (this includes £500 cover for electronic goods, going up to £1000 cover for IT equipment with a £25 excess in both cases). Please see the our Travel Insurance Policy for complete details of of what is covered.

Airport transfers

You can now book your flights and we will email you with instructions on how to book your transfers. Please follow the instructions on the email as soon as you receive it.

If your child is travelling to the school independently (with parents or another adult), at the beginning or end of the course, please follow the instructions in the email we send you as well.

Airport transfer one way Juniors Teenagers
London Heathrow (LHR) included £115
London Gatwick (LGW) £170 £170
London Luton (LTN) £135 £135
London Stansted (STN) £165 £165
Additional charges
Unacommpanied minor service (UM) £50 £50
Assisted check-in £30 £30

Airports are very busy places. Your child will be met at Arrivals by one of our staff wearing a St Clare’s t-shirt or by one of our private taxi drivers holding a sign with their name on it.

If your child gets lost or misses the driver they must:

  • Go to the Airport Information Desk
  • Ask them to call the driver meeting them from St Clare’s
  • Stay at the Information Desk until they have been collected
  • Once they have been met the driver will take them to St Clare’s

If you reserve an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service with the airline, you must also reserve the our UM service. We charge an additional £50 for this which covers the additional costs for our staff to collect your child from the airline on arrival and check-in your child on departure. It is essential that you inform us of your child’s UM status when you send us flight details.

If you have not reserved a UM service with the airline, you can still reserve our Assisted Check-in service for departure. We charge £30 for this service and this covers escorting your child into the terminal and helping them with check-in on departure.

Students can only travel on the specified arrival and departure dates and within a particular time schedule.

Times for Teenagers age 15-17
Arrivals – SUNDAYS
between 06.00-21.00 hrs
Departures – SATURDAYS
after 10.00 hrs
Times for Juniors age 10-15
Arrivals – SUNDAYS
between 09.00-18.30 hrs
Departures – SATURDAYS
after 10.00 hrs
Consent to travel and visas

All overseas visitors arriving in the UK must go through Immigration. Students need to:

Consent to Travel form
All parents MUST complete this form. Please PRINT the completed form. Your son or daughter MUST SHOW IT to Immigration at the airport. Put it with their passport.

Arrival and departure
Arrival day is the first Sunday of the course; we cannot accept students before this day. Departure day is the last Saturday of each three-week course. It is not possible for students to stay an extra night at the end of their course.

Airport transfers
We take the business of looking after your child very seriously. Please read the detailed information about airport transfers on this page.

Questions for teenagers

When should I arrive for my course?

All courses start on Sundays and rooms are available from 14:00 hrs.

What happens on the first Sunday of the course?

We welcome you at reception and show you to your room. There is a welcome event for you in the evening. Join in the activities on site!

When do I start my course?

The Director of English Language Courses and the Dean of Students welcome you in the hall at 0900. You then take a placement test. The orientation continues during your first class before lunch.

When does my course finish?

The last teaching day is the final Friday of your course; the day before you depart.

When do I have to leave at the end of my course at St. Clare’s?

You leave on Saturday and we ask you to leave your room by 10:00 hrs in the morning.

Is insurance covered in the course fees?

All course fees include travel insurance for travel, medical and possessions cover. However we strongly recommend that you take out your own insurance in the case of lost or stolen belongings.

Are the airport transfers included in the course fees?

No. If you would like a taxi service to and from St. Clare’s from the airport, please complete our secure online airport transfers booking form. You need to book and pay for this transfer at least three weeks before your course starts. We can collect from any local airport. Airport transfers must be paid via credit/ debit card at the time of booking.

Are there any course rules?

Please read through the College Rules. These are both house and college rules. We expect you to behave with politeness to everyone around you, observe the curfew and laws that apply to use of alcohol or drugs. We reserve the right to expel any student whose behaviour we find unacceptable. In this unlikely event the student / parent will bear any additional costs.

How much spending money should I bring?

We recommend £70 per week for additional activities or souvenirs, etc. We also ask for a £30 key / damage deposit which is refunded at the end of the course on return of the key and after checking for damage.

Who looks after me in my house?

Each house is supervised by a residential warden. Students and parents should read and agree to the Parent Agreement.

Can I share a bedroom with my friend?

It is part of St. Clare’s mission to promote international understanding through education. Every effort is made to integrate students from different nationalities. You can, therefore, request the same house as a friend, but not the same room.

What about laundry?

Students can use the on-site card-operated washing machine.

Questions for juniors

The following information is designed to:

  • Help you prepare your child for the course
  • Inform you about travel arrangements and airport procedures
  • Reassure you that good care will be taken of your child at all times

Our junior courses are based at our Junior Campus in Headington, a 10-minute drive from the our main Banbury Road campus and Oxford city centre. The school is enclosed within a perimeter wall with a secure gate, making it safe and welcoming for our junior students. The campus includes our student accommodation, teaching facilities, catering and all sports and swimming activities.

Contact details

The address for the school for all letters and parcels during the course is:

St Clare’s, Oxford at
Rye St Antony School
Franklin Road
Oxford OX3 8BY

In case of an emergency out of hours a mobile telephone number will be available through the course office answerphone.

Contacting your child

The best time to call your child is in the evenings after 1900 hrs. Remember that on some evenings your child will be taking part in activities so you may not be able to contact your child at that time. Please do not call your child between the hours 2130 – 0700 UK time.

All children must switch off their personal mobile phones overnight.

Identity cards

We give all students a St. Clare’s identity card which they must carry at all times. Please email or post a passport-sized photograph to the Short Courses Division before the course starts so that we can prepare the cards in good time. We need this as soon as possible. Please email a passport size photo now to summer.admissions@stclares.ac.uk.

Money and valuables

All activities are included in the course fees. He/she must also bring £20 for a damage deposit. This money is returned at the end of the course if there is no damage to pay for. To keep money safe we operate an on-site bank. Passports and tickets are also locked in the school safe. Bedrooms are not lockable so students should not bring items of great value. St. Clare’s cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of personal items.

Personal spending money

Your child will only need pocket money for buying souvenirs, postcards, sweets etc. We advise personal spending money of about £50 per week minimum.

Medical and travel insurance

The course fees include travel insurance cover with an independent insurance company organised by St. Clare’s brokers. These are the full details of the Travel Insurance Policy. If you need to make any claims on the policy you must contact the insurance company yourself. However we strongly recommend that you take out your own insurance in the case of lost or stolen belongings.

Medical problems

If your child feels unwell he/she should tell a member of staff. There will be a first-aider at the school 24 hours a day. We can arrange visits to the doctor or hospital. Emergency medical treatment in the UK is free to everyone. However, you may have to pay for a doctor’s appointment. In order to avoid this charge please remember to bring any additional documentation or health cards, eg. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It is essential that you tell us about any medical conditions or allergies which you think we should know about.


Rooms on our junior campus vary from singles to small dormitories. Where possible older students are given single or twin rooms but this cannot be guaranteed. Boys and girls are accommodated separately and may not enter each others’ bedrooms. Each house is supervised by a member of staff. They help with problems at any time, day or night. Students are expected to share with others usually of a different nationality but similar age. If you have a specific request regarding your child’s accommodation please contact us at least three weeks before the start of the course. Please note that we cannot guarantee to satisfy all such requests.

Linen and laundry

Towels and bed linen are provided and are normally changed every 10 days. Students need to bring their own towel for swimming. All clothes must be marked with the student’s name. Clothes are washed from Monday to Friday. Please ensure that your child brings a bag which can be used for laundry. Students should bring sufficient clothing to last for at least 5 days.

Special requirements

If your child needs a special diet, or facilities/arrangements for religious observance, or if there is any other important information, such as medical conditions, please write on the personal and medical information form that you return to the Summer Courses office.


All students on the course are encouraged to take part in sports, including swimming. You must tell us in writing if you do not wish your child to take part in any particular activity. Students are welcome to bring tennis racquets. They should bring swimwear and swimming towel if they want to swim.


Junior students aged between 10-12 are not allowed to leave the Summer Junior Campus without adult supervision. The 13-15 year old students may be allowed some independence for shopping on specified afternoons. This permission will only be given if they have demonstrated a mature attitude. They will be checked out and checked in. No student may go out unsupervised in the evenings.

How your child should behave

We make sure we look after your child really well but they also have to look after themselves, behave well in school and respect their new friends. All children need to read and understand the College Rules.

Policies - Insurance - Rules

We wish to ensure that our students are well looked after during their holiday course here. We feel that it is important that parents have copies of our policy documents available should they need to consult them again. We wish to remind parents of the following:

Parent Agreement

I understand that 15, 16 and 17 year old students attending Courses for Teenagers enjoy considerable independence and freedom during their free time. They can, for example, go into Oxford unsupervised and are not required to return to the College until 2300 hrs.

I agree to the following:

  • Permission for my child to receive emergency medical or dental treatment if necessary
  • Participation in all aspects of the course, including swimming and other sports
  • Permission for my child to appear in photographs which may be used in St Clare’s publicity materials
  • Permission for my child to receive basic medication, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, for minor ailments

Consent to travel

All parents need to complete the following Letter of Consent to Travel confirming that they have given consent for their son or daughter to travel to St Clare’s for their summer course. Please make sure that you complete this form, print it off and bring it with you. You will need to show this to Immigration at the airport.

Travel Insurance

The course fees include travel insurance cover with an independent insurance company organised by St. Clare’s brokers. These are the full details of the Travel Insurance Policy. If you need to make any claims on the policy you must contact the insurance company yourself. However we strongly recommend that you take out your own insurance in the case of lost or stolen belongings.

Terms and Conditions of enrolment

At the time of booking your course we asked all parents to read and agree to our Terms and Conditions of Enrolment. This is our School Fees Summary.

College Rules

We have few rules, but we expect our teenage students to read them carefully and take them seriously. When students arrive at their houses, the house warden will ask students to read the rules and sign to say that they agree to abide to them.

We are happy to help

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