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Diversity and Inclusion

We value diversity in broadening the learning experience

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion links with our mission to ‘advance international understanding‘. The college was founded after the Second World War with the goal of creating champions for peace, understanding and non-discrimination. Racism or any form of discrimination does not align with our core values. We embrace differences and promote a culture of open-mindedness.

Please stand with us to take on this challenge and stay involved in the conversation. Our communities and the world depends on it. 

Our commitment to justice and non-discrimination

The Black Lives Matter movement has brought the crisis of racial and social injustice to the world’s attention. There is a drive to seek meaningful change in the systems, structures and mindsets that have, consciously or not, fostered racism.

The college community comprises of students, staff, and alumni from all over the world. We promote equal opportunities for students and staff. But we must respond to this challenge by examining: what else can we do to promote diversity and encourage inclusivity? 

Diversity and Inclusion working group

We are working cooperatively with students, alumni and staff to reflect on our responsibilities and make positive change. Our ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ working group comprises of members from ethnically diverse backgrounds. It includes the Principal (Chair), Vice Principal Pastoral (Convenor), a Governor, 3 staff members, 3 current students and 3 former students.

The working group considers diversity within the curriculum as well as the student and staff population. However, we recognise that the issues go much deeper, so we are continuing the discussion on how we can broaden or adapt activities to challenge racism. Our commitment to justice and non-discrimination is outlined in our ‘Diversity and Inclusion Declaration of Intent’.

Schools Inclusion Alliance

We are proud to be a member of the Schools Inclusion Alliance, a UK-wide network of independent schools who pledge take steps to embed inclusion into the school culture. 


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