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International Baccalaureate Diploma

• an international qualification

• in-depth preparation for university

• teaching the IB diploma longer than any other school or college in England

• make friends from around the world

Study the IB Diploma in Oxford

We have places available for September 2021 entry

Age: 16-18 years old
Start date: 1 September 2022
Length: 2 years
Class: Average class size is 9 students
Lessons: 30 hours of classroom lessons Monday to Friday
Lesson length: 55 minutes
Lessons: Six subjects (3 standard level and 3 higher level) plus core elements TOK, CAS and EE
Annual fees: Day students: £20,480  Residential students: £42,626
Term dates: IB Diploma term dates
Brochure: International Baccalaureate Diploma brochure
Deposit and instalments: Term dates and fees flyer

Why study the IB Diploma at St Clare’s?

St Clare’s is a co-educational sixth form college for day students and borders in a beautiful area of north Oxford. The atmosphere here is informal and friendly, with an equal emphasis on hard work and encouraging personal responsibility. We put our success down to a combination of factors:

  • we have been offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma for over 40 years, longer than any other school or college in England
  • there are only 13 other institutions in the world that have taught the IB for longer than us
  • we offer an especially wide range of subjects at higher and standard level
  • unlike other schools in the UK we teach literature in over 25 different languages
  • our students regularly win places at Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics, Imperial and other leading UK universities, as well as Harvard, Yale and Stanford in the USA
  • currently we have students from over 40 countries living and studying here
  • we do accept day students provided that their family home is within reasonable travelling distance to St Clare’s
  • students who are serious about their work value the supportive environment and excellent teaching
  • all students are cared for by our residential staff and personal tutors
  • our regulations and boarding practice may not be as strict as those found in many other boarding schools. However, our rules are designed to foster the development of the student’s independence and responsibility in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust
  • students are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities that Oxford provides

The quality of the students’ academic achievement is excellent’ – ISI report 2019

IB curriculum

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification for students aged 16 to 18. The IB Diploma prepares you for university study around the world. The IB Diploma enables you to study a range of subjects at standard or higher level, encouraging depth and breadth of knowledge across the IB curriculum.

The International Baccalaureate curriculum contains three core elements that provide additional academic specialisation. These are the Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay and CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service).

What is the IB Theory of Knowledge?
The Theory of Knowledge is a practical philosophy-based course, which helps you to develop your critical thinking and analytical skills to prepare you for university study.

What is the Extended Essay?
The Extended Essay is a 4000 word critical essay, based on an original piece of research around one of your chosen subjects e.g. an Economics student might look at the performance of a company or business.

Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) provides a useful framework to stimulate personal growth. It develops your skills through new experiences. We offer over 50 experiences per week.

The college has a worldwide reputation for its expertise in providing the IB Diploma and embraces internationalism and academic excellence as its core values.

As more parents and students are choosing the IB instead of A Levels, it is clear that we can offer a better standard of education for those who want something different.

Learn why this is the ideal course to prepare for university:

International Baccalaureate subjects

International Baccalaureate subjects

How do I choose the subjects I want to study?
A number of factors need to be considered before making subject choices. What do I want to study at university? What subjects do I enjoy? What subjects am I good at?

The IB Diploma allows students to choose subjects from six subject groupings. This means that every student chooses one subject from each of the following groups. Three subjects are studied at Higher (H) Level and three at Standard (S) Level for two years.

  • The three Higher Level courses should be subjects you enjoy and which support your career aspirations. These are the subjects you will study in depth.
  • The three Standard Level courses will provide you with an interesting, balanced programme.

We offer an exceptionally wide choice of IB subjects. You will choose one subject each from groups 1 to 5 and then a sixth subject from either group 6 or another from groups 1 to 4.

Download the IB Diploma Guide – for more detailed information about the subjects

Group 1
Studies in Language and Literature
First language or native language

This is your first or best language. The following Literature courses are offered:

  • H and S: English, German, Italian.
  • S only: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, Greek, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and other languages on request. Language and Literature is available only in English.

In the past, we have offered the above Standard Level subjects, however, whilst we will make every effort to offer any language within Group 1, there may be exceptional circumstances when we cannot provide a given language due to staffing reasons. In such cases, we will discuss alternatives with the applicant.

Group 2
Language Acquisition
Second language

This is the language you are learning. Most students choose English as this helps with the study of other subjects. Some of our students are bilingual or trilingual and study another second language.

  • H and S: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Chinese B and German. Previous study of at least three years is necessary.
  • S only: Dutch, Chinese for beginners and Spanish for beginners.
Group 3
Individuals and Societies

Individual and Societies currently includes:

  • H or S: History, Geography, Psychology, Economics.
  • H only: Business and Management.
  • S only: Global Politics.
Group 3 or 4 — Interdisciplinary
There is only one course in this group — Environmental Systems and Societies. When making a subject choice, Environmental Systems and Societies can be included in either Group 3 or Group 4.
Group 4
  • H or S: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sports Science
Group 5

Mathematics: Analysis and approaches is intended for students who wish to pursue studies in mathematics at university or subjects that have a large mathematical content; it is for students who enjoy developing mathematical arguments, problem solving and exploring real and abstract applications, with and without technology. Mathematics: Analysis and approaches will be a development from the current Mathematics HL and SL subjects. At HL, the course is intended for students who wish to study Mathematics at university, or subjects with a substantial mathematics content such as engineering or physics.

Mathematics: Applications and interpretation is being designed for students who enjoy describing the real world and solving practical problems using mathematics; those who are interested in harnessing the power of technology alongside exploring mathematical models and enjoy the more practical side of mathematics. Mathematics: Applications and interpretation SL will be developed from Mathematical studies SL. The HL course will include new content and elements of the current HL statistics and discrete content At HL, the course is intended for students who wish to study social sciences, psychology, economics, business management, medicine or design at university.

Group 6
Arts and Electives

You can choose to study Music, Theatre or the Visual Arts from this group OR you can choose one of the following:

  • another language
  • another subject from Individuals and Societies
  • another science
How to apply

Entry is based on previous academic results and interview. We have a competitive scholarship and bursary programme awarded by examination, interview and group exercises. We will be happy to send you our IB Diploma Brochure, full details on how to apply and an online Application Form. We encourage prospective students to contact us with any questions they may have. You can register your interest in hearing more about the course and the college using this online form.

1. School reports and application form

To begin the application process, please send us the applicant’s school reports from the previous two years by email. We will then send you a link to our online application form, which includes a link to pay the £100 Registration Fee.

2. Virtual tour of the College and online interview

When we have received all of the above, we will assess the applicant’s school reports. If these are satisfactory, we will invite the applicant and their parents to a virtual tour of St Clare’s and an online interview. For IB Diploma and Pre-IB applicants this will include a Mathematics Placement Test and an English test all done online from your own home. This is not an entrance examination.

3. Offer of a place

We are normally able to tell the applicant and their parents our final decision on their application quite promptly. If the interview is satisfactory we will offer the applicant a place at St Clare’s and this will be confirmed by email in an official offer letter that includes an Acceptance Form.

4. Acceptance of the offer

Parents wishing to accept the offer must complete the Acceptance Form within the deadline given in the offer letter and return by email. When parents accept the offer of a place at St Clare’s they will need to pay an Enrolment Deposit of £2,500.

5. Joining information

Instructions on how to access the joining information are included in the offer letter. If you have any questions or if you require any further information about the application procedure please contact us.

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