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Student Stories

We’ve asked students what it has been like at St Clare’s and here are some of their stories; learning in class, living with students from around the world

IB Diploma

The teachers are very knowledgeable about their subject. I have never experienced this level of education, it’s very in-depth, very thorough and I like how each teacher has their particular style” – Lucia, South Africa, IB Diploma

Pre-IB course

I’ve always wanted to study in this type of school, in a city with an open campus. We have a lot of freedom here and that’s the main reason I wanted to be here

Boarding is fun because you are with all these new people and you do everything together. You live together, you have meals together, you have classes together so these people become your new family

Simeon, Bulgaria, Pre-IB course

University Pathways & Gap Year

One of my favourite things about the course is having one-on-one style lectures with the teacher
Lauren, USA, Undergraduate Programme

“The teaching style is very open and relaxed and I like that we are always in a discussion with our teachers, it’s very interactive”
Felicia, Germany, English plus Academic Subjects

I received a lot of career support from Helen, she helped me to find the perfect university
Joseph, Nigeria, University Foundation Programme


Teacher Training

The Teacher Trainers were extremely knowledgeable and experienced. It is a very intensive course, but they were with us every step of the way, supporting us and just saying you can do it!”

Natasha, UK, CELTA


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