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Spring & Summer courses for Teenagers 15-17

• Safe study environment in Oxford

• Supportive and promotes learning

• Interactive academic teaching style

• Entertaining educational activities

Short spring & summer courses for Teenagers in Oxford

We offer English language programmes for teenagers aged 15-17 years old including Interactive English and Intensive English Exam Preparation. Our English courses start from elementary level. We also offer the academic course IB Introduction as well as subject-specific courses like Business in Oxford and Art and Digital Design in Oxford

Academic support and pastoral care: We provide a supportive environment for you to develop your language in the 4 key skills, and help you to improve your vocabulary, fluency and accuracy

Flexible course structure: You can choose to study for 2+ weeks in March, June, July and August.

Attractive setting: Our courses are offered in a beautiful location close to the centre of Oxford

Rich academic programme: Our teaching approach enhances your learning experience and includes enjoyable study visits and entertaining excursions to places in the UK, including London

Develop international friendships: Our short summer courses have global appeal, so you can make lots of new friends and create unforgettable memories

Wide activities and excursions offering: Learn sports, develop skills, discover cultural attractions and have fun! 

Located in Oxford: Live in residential houses within the city of Oxford

Course content: Our lessons are interesting and stimulate learning through a Theme of the Week and Guest Speaker events

A member of the English UK specialist group for Young Learners

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Activities Timetable

View the activities timetable. Please note these are subject to change. 

Themes of the Week

Week 1: Home

Home is where the heart is.
Home is where you lay your head.

In a globalised world the concept of home has shifted dramatically but at the same time very much stayed the same. Students will discuss what defines a home, dream of their ideal home and explore the words, symbols, and metaphors associated with the concept of home from different perspectives.
At an age when many of our students will be looking to the future and leaving home the topics interest we hope will be assured.

Week 2: Justice

Is justice blind?

The concept that individuals are to be treated in a manner than is equitable and fair. Do we as humans get close to this? And how can we improve on it if not.
We’ll touch upon elements of ethics, rationality, law, equity and fairness as we attempt to set the world to rights!

Week 3: Joy

Full of the joys of Spring

What brings joy to our lives?

Some people enjoy simple pleasures like a peaceful walk in the country with their dog, whereas others like nothing better than smashing a high score on a computer game with a group of friends. Why is it that one person may love the idea of extreme sports like sky-diving or white-water rafting but someone else may only ever want to curl up with a good book and a hot drink?

In a world in which watching the news can be overwhelming we will put joy in the spotlight.

Week 4: Growth

Great oaks from little acorns grow.

The constant effort to grow and improve is one we see from our students. How can we foster the best environment to encourage this and how can students take advantage of the situations around them as best they can.

Week 5: Creativity

‘The earth without art is just eh’ Demetri Martin

Creativity in its many forms. Empowering our students to bring out their creativity, to examine the situations that foster creativity, does true creativity only come from struggle?

We hope to bring students a multi-sensory experience that will aid in the retention of vocabulary and language structures.

Week 6: Service
  1. An act of helpful activity; help; aid. To do someone a service
  2. A government system or private organisation that is responsible for a particular type of activity, or for providing a particular thing that people need.

What service can we provide as individuals?

What services does the world need?

We’ll endeavour to explore and design service projects that can positively impact our local environment, leading to discussions about the value of community participation and gaining a deeper understanding of the issues facing their immediate surroundings.

Week 7: Ecosystems

The value of biodiversity is that it makes our ecosystems resilient’ Johan Rockstrom

Making an effort to understand the world we are a part of and contribute to, can we learn any lessons that SHOULD have been learnt about the environment and apply them to our own ecosystems, using the experiences of our diverse tapestry of nationalities at St Clare’s we’ll open a discussion that should help see the wood for the trees.

Week 8: Gratitude




There are so many ways to say thank you in English but how do we really show gratitude. Is it needed? How can we show people our gratitude to them?

To whom should we show gratitude? We will discuss and investigate how different cultures perceive and express their thanks as an aid to building relationships and fostering greater understanding.

Week 9: Nostalgia

We’ll take students on a trip down memory lane, but hopefully Summer 2024 will be history in the making.

In the year of St Clare’s 70th Anniversary we’ll examine the concept of nostalgia. What can the past tell us about the future? Do we look at the past through rose-tinted glasses? Do you wish you were born in another time?

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