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Summer courses for Juniors 9-15

• Safe environment for your welfare

• Supportive learning atmosphere

• Stimulating academic approach

• Enjoyable activities and study visits

English Language summer courses for Juniors

We offer English language programmes for juniors aged between 9 -15 years old including Active English and Young Leaders in Oxford. Our English courses start from elementary level. Our junior campus is set in its own private grounds in an attractive residential part of Oxford. Oxford is a small, safe, cosmopolitan city and is only an hour from London by train. 

High ranking: St Clare’s is rated one of the top English language schools in the UK

Academic English: We offer interactive English language programmes for juniors aged between 9 and 15 years old

Quality teaching: Our language courses start from elementary level, and develop your confidence and proficiency

Dedicated support: Improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in an inspiring and supportive environment

Flexible course options: You can choose to study over the summer for either 2 or 3 weeks and our courses begin in June

Personal safety: Our courses take place on a secure campus and provide a safe study environment for you to thrive

Beyond the classroom: Our study programme includes memorable study visits and unforgettable excursions around the UK

Course content: Our lessons are topical and encourage learning through a range of Weekly Themes and Guest Speaker events

A member of the English UK specialist group for Young Learners.


Develop your language skills over the summer in a safe and supportive environment

Our friendly team offer a warm welcome to all students and provide excellent round the clock pastoral care. The team is led by an experienced Centre Manager with the support of our Academic, Welfare and Activities Managers. We have a high staff to student ratio, allowing students to benefit from the support they need, especially if it is their first time away from home.

We offer a wide range of onsite activities to help students make friends and settle in. Learning to live together with students from all over the world is a valuable part of the experience, cultural exchange and team building activities constitute a large part of the programme. Our team help students settle in and they quickly learn who to ask and where to go for help.

Our courses include excursions to iconic historical locations in Oxford as well as cultural visits to Warwick and Windsor Castle and World Heritage sites such as The Tower of London. Our students also enjoy trips to local theme parks and attractions and city visits to Brighton and London amongst many others.
Lessons are based around a Theme of the Week, with teachers drawing from a broad range of resources alongside their own knowledge and expertise, designing classes to help students practise all four key areas of language with a particular emphasis on communication. Themes are chosen based on Oxford, events in the world as well as areas of importance and interest to students.
Our Summer School is located on a beautiful campus just over an hour from London and the airports.

Activities Timetable

Please note that the timetables below are subject to change.

Themes of the Week

Week 1: At the cutting edge

We’ll introduce concepts across a wide range of skills to keep our students at the cutting edge, from A.I. via sustainable materials to mindfulness. How can we use these technologies and techniques to help ourselves and the world around us?

Explore the latest inventions, uncover the minds behind the modern marvels and imagine the future.

At the Cutting Edge promises a week of mind-blowing exploration, in-depth acquisition of knowledge and activities that will spark your curiosity and ignite your imagination. Join us and become a pioneer of the future!

Week 2: Heads or Tails

Luck, chance, fate, probability. We’ll explore the world of uncertainty, gamification, turn taking, optimism and pessimism. Develop critical thinking skills, analysing situations and weighing up the consequences!

A week of engaging activities, thought-provoking discussions and endless possibilities. Flip a coin, join the fun, and see where the adventure takes you…

Week 3: Going for gold

In the year of the Paris Olympics and Euro 2024 we’ll look at what makes people strive to be the best and how they get there. Explore the world of sport, competition and achieving your full potential. We’ll delve into the stories of athletes, teams, and individuals who have pushed their limits and reached for gold.

Going for gold promises a week of excitement, motivation, and the opportunity to discover your own strengths and talents.

Week 4: Heroes and Villains

Frodo Baggins, Aslan, Alice, Harry Potter, Lyra, Wonka.

Sauron, The White Witch, The Queen of Hearts, Voldemort, Marisa Coulter, Slugworth.

The list of Heroes and Villains associated with Oxford, whether their authors lived and taught here, used Oxford as inspiration, or their adaptations were filmed here is long and includes some of the most famous characters to have ever been conceived of.

Students will use this inspiration to explore the concept of Heroes and Villains including real life examples. There will also be visits to some of the locations used for inspiration and filming.

Week 5: The changing world

The ever-changing world around us. In one of the most historical cities of the world, we’ll look to the past and the future, surrounded by universities filled with the minds that are leading change in a huge range of industries.

We’ll analyse the forces driving change and their impact on different aspects of life, fostering a deeper understanding of our interconnected world.

Week 6: The Natural World

In our leafy Oxford campus students will talk about and explore the natural world around them and beyond. Students will learn about the wonders of nature, natural phenomena, and the delicate balance of ecosystems. Unravel the mysteries of nature, reflect on the positive impact it can have on us whilst looking at the perils of climate change and the challenges that face future generations.

Live and study with young people from all around the world

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