Written by Nina O’Hanlon (IB25)

Embodying the United Nations’ call to “practice tolerance and live together in peace”, the students of St Clare’s, Oxford proudly convened at the Oxford Town Hall earlier this month for our very own Model United Nations Summit. The event epitomized the values that are not only integral to our school, but also resonate with the broader international community.

The day commenced with an inspiring opening speech from Graciela Gomez Garcia, the former Mexican Ambassador to Qatar. She emphasised the pivotal role of diplomacy and international relations in fostering and sustaining peace in society. Following this, students enthusiastically delved into a spirited political debate centered around the censorship of free speech, and drawing inspiration from the recent alterations to post restrictions on Elon Musk’s social media platform, ‘X’.

Subsequently, participants formed committees to address a diverse array of global issues. From the historical intricacies of the Cuban Missile Crisis to the contemporary complexities of the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and the pressing need for reparations for underdeveloped countries, the discussions reverberated within the hallowed halls of the 19th-century venue. As the day progressed, committees worked towards crafting resolutions to alleviate the challenges at hand.

The culmination of the event brought everyone back to the main hall for the award ceremony. The resolutions presented were not only just and mature, but also arguably inspirational to the entire school community. The Model United Nations Summit served as a testament to our commitment to global education and understanding, and the pursuit of peaceful resolutions to the complex issues facing our world today.

Written by Nina O’Hanlon (IB25)

St Clare's, Oxford